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Bar Karate - The Sailing Podcast


Episode 25

Recorded 8 December 2019
We talk to Mark Somerville MD Persico Marine
A Kiwi living in Italy. A man who has been involved in nine Americas Cup Campaigns, including Oracle Racing for ten years, Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa resulting in two successful wins of the Cup. He also has six Whitbread/Volvo campaigns giving four successful results before landing in Italy to join Persico Marine, where this year alone they have built Tomas Ruyant's IMOCA 60 Advens, the Wally yacht Tango, the Luna Rossa AC boat and the foil arms for all AC teams.
We discuss all this and his pathway to get there.

We talk 49er and Nacra 17 Worlds, The Jules Verne, Sydney Hobart Classics Regatta, Phuket Kings Cup and the upcoming Moth Worlds, Finn Gold Cup and the Big Boat challenge.

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